Speaking Engagements

We are here to help emerging leaders secure impact jobs that blend financial rewards with social impact and environmental stewardship!

Whether you are a university or a fellowship program, we will customize our workshops to give your students or fellows the frameworks and tactical help they need to turn their learning into earning. We customize each of our workshops and group coaching sessions by including examples of alumni from your program.

Workshop & Coaching Menu:
Creating Your Path to Meaning and Money (90 min. to a day-long workshop)- Focused on helping participants Get Clear, Get Connected and Get Hired for well-paying internships and jobs that leverage their education and match their values. Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • Greater clarity about their professional priorities and values-based career goals;
  • Strategies and tactics to tap into the global hidden job market;
  • Concrete steps for students to ask better questions to faculty, staff, and mentors on and beyond campus.

Group Coaching Sessions (group of 8-12 individuals, 30-45 min with each group) – Our team will facilitate group coaching sessions during which each student will receive insights and advice tailored to their unique goals. We can organize group coaching sessions based on specific functions (e.g. marketing, finance, consulting) or issue areas (e.g. poverty, renewable energy, CSR careers). Each participant will leave with a better understanding of their goals and a set of resources and tactical steps they can immediately take to compete for impact jobs.

Staff Training – All faculty and staff in your programs are teachers and mentors. Many of them might be operating based on outdated beliefs and perceptions when it comes to impact job searching. During our speaking engagements, we offer an opportunity for staff members (and faculty) to discuss employment trends in impact careers across the private, nonprofit, and government sectors, as well as share resources resources, and coaching best practices that will build your organization’s internal capacity and effectiveness when working with students interested in impact careers in the US and around the world.

Participants will leave our workshops and group coaching sessions with:

  • Greater clarity about impact career options available across sectors (e.g. CSR, impact investing, sustainable development, benefit corporations, foundations);
  • A framework to make better decisions in aligning their coursework and experiential learning pursuits with their career goals;
  • Resources to help students tap into the hidden job market for their impact area(s) of interest (e.g. professionals associations, twitter handles, LinkedIn groups, conferences, job boards);
  • Coaching techniques to confidently approach conversations around values, as well as strategies to keep students engaged in their career exploration and job search;
  • ICF-accredited CCEUs hours that can count toward obtaining or maintaining career coaches credentials.

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