A Truly Singaporean Guide to a Road Trip to Malaysia

Motorcycle and car owners have few chances of going on road trips in Singapore. What is funny is that it takes only an hour to travel from one end to another end. This distance is very short in that most of Singaporeans does not recognize it as a road trip. For a long journey, riders and drivers should put into consideration some of the factors in their road trip. In this article, we will discuss those factor to consider and some of the useful tips in taking a road trip to Malaysia. Read on for you to have a successful trip.

It is very exciting to plan a free road trip to Malaysia whether it is with your family or friends. It gives you the chance to visit the different places and maximize your vacation experience. If you want to enjoy more your road trip and do not wish to drive in your own car, you can approach cheap car rental company BizLink Rent-A-Car. With help of car rental services you able to have peace of mind as they are experienced in the road trips.

The first thing that you have to do in planning a free road trip to Malaysia is your destinations. Most would say that not knowing where you are heading is part of the adventure but this will not be fun if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere where the cell phone reception is bad. Plan your pit stops as well. Find out the best car rental services to hire, Also find out whatever you can about the place and write them down. This will also help you organize your activities and come up with your schedule. Most importantly, it will give you the chance to review the traffic rules and laws especially when you are crossing boundaries.

After you have planned where you are going, it is important that you check your car. Make sure that you have car insurance cover to protect you in case of an accident. If possible, a comprehensive car insurance and travel insurance cover from HL Assurance Pte Ltd. Consider the place where you are heading. Is the road going to be tough? How far is it? Will it be easy to find a gas station?

How to Get Your Car Ready For a Road Trip

When you set out on a long road trip, your rental car becomes your home – the place you’re comfortable and the place that’s yours. It’s important to take a little bit of time before taking off and look at how to get a rental car ready for a road trip in a couple of different ways including mechanical issues, navigation, and comfort.

The car rental services ensure their road trip cars are regularly taken to the mechanic and get their normal oil change done. Also, the car rental services will make sure you have a spare tire to replace in case of an emergency.

Get a GPS set up in your car. Some of the rental car for road trip permanently have GPS installed in them. Car rental that has GPS are so convenient to have when you’re going to be driving through a lot of new and unfamiliar places, and they’ve improved a lot in recent years, both in design and in price.

Bring a small ice chest for drinks. You could bring a big one full of food, but this is often more of a hassle than it’s worth, whereas a small one with drinks is convenient and pretty easy to keep around, and it won’t take up a lot of space in the car.

Bring a spare blanket, flashlight, and shovel in the trunk. This will keep you safe in case of a variety of emergencies that could come up.

Before you take off on a big road trip make sure you know how you’re going to get there. Check out fun options or learn more about choosing the right one, accessories, and the fun and functional.

Things to Pack For a Stress-Free And Fun Road Trip

A road trip can either be an amazing time, often a long distance trip is looked back on as one of the best times of a persons life-or it can be a stressful nightmare that never seems to end. This happens when things go wrong and you can’t find a way around them, one stressful event after another. A lot of this can be avoided though, but packing for a stress-free road trip! Some of these items aren’t just to avoid stress, but also to add more fun to your exciting adventure.

A basic first aid kit won’t take up much space in your car, and can really be kept in their all the time. Getting a small cut on your hand isn’t a big deal until you don’t have a bandage and end up bleeding all over the car. A basic medical kit can avoid a lot of headaches (pun intended!).

A small ice chest for drinks is a real trip essential. While you can fit food in a big one, they really usually end up being a big hassle, food ends up getting wet, and you constantly have to stop to drain the water and refill the ice. A small chest for drinks is easy to keep around, and this way you always have something cool to drink. If you want to make sandwiches on the road you can fit a package of sandwich meat and a jar of your chosen condiment in with your drinks. There are lots of foods you can bring that don’t need to be kept cool, too–trail mix, peanut butter, chips, crackers, jerky.

Bluetooth hands-free device for your cell phone is becoming more of an absolute essential as more and more states pass laws against holding your phone while driving.

A GPS navigation system is an absolute must to avoid stress! Being lost, fighting with a paper map, trying to find people who really know the area to get directions from–all of these are stressful events that can really put a downer on your trip and get car mates fighting quickly. These systems will tell you to turn by turn where to go, and if you miss a turn, it will quickly reroute you and tell you where the next available turn is.

Binoculars are an often overlooked item that is absolutely great to have in the car! You’ll likely pull over at a lot of scenic overlooks, or see something faintly in the distance and wonder what it is. You can quickly pull over, pull out your binoculars, and take a peek! This often ends up being a lot more fun in practice than in theory, and you can pick up a basic pair for fairly cheap these days.

In case you want to fully enjoy your to a hassle-free road trip to Malaysia and ensure that you hare the best car rental services, take a car insurance and you will be well on your way to having an excellent and more enjoyable road trip ever.

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