Worthiness of Customer Loyalty in e-Commerce


Over the years we have seen the rapid growth of e-commerce, this has made it quite hard to keep your loyal customers and prevent them from seeking services of your competitors. For that reason, we have come up with various tips to enable you to build and maintain your list of customer loyalties for your e-commerce business.

Making Your Clients feel Appreciated

Making the first purchases comes with a mixture of emotions for the customers. They need particular attention if you want them to become loyal to your business. It’s advisable to show appreciation to your customers regardless of the amount they have used in your store. This makes customer have a sense of bonding and bet on your brand. Once they become your customers, appreciating them makes them feel proud they made the correct choice choosing your store and brand.

There are various ways in which you can show appreciation to your clients; they include personalized thank you note or a packet of complimentary chocolates together with their orders is a practical and easy way of showing how much you appreciate them for being your customers. Additionally, you can opt to write a thank you email.

Taking your time to acknowledge your customers business shows that you care and recognize the business value they are adding to your business. Starbucks is one company known to do a phenomenal job in appreciating their customers and also http://www.edenred.com.sg) is following suit. Starbucks is well known to recognize their customer with every transaction they perform; from spelling your name in the correct order to their daily order, they have it covered.

The company has come up with reward programs that give loyal points to frequent customers and they provide incentives to their new customers for them to try their various products. With this kind of details and programs, the customer feels appreciated hence becoming loyalty.

Create Personalized Experience for a Sense of Belonging

For e-commerce to generate a devoted, passionate fan base, you need to customize your brand to make the customer feel like part of the company. The best way to achieve this is creating a personalized experience that makes the client feel special by fulfilling his taste and preference. The ideas of making each customer have a customized experience vary from each customer to another.

Most of the online stores have tailored made product and services selections or they greet their customers by name welcoming them in style. This kind of small touches makes a big difference in showing the customer how much they are valued, while also strengthening and increasing their attachment to your services and products.

Sephora is a well-known brand, leading in creating tailor made experiences for their client. By only filling out your unique information on their beauty Traits profile, clients receive an array of personalized recommendation based on eye color, skin tone, and hair color. Additionally, the company uses rewards programs and beauty insider to host private hotlines, exclusive events for their best and loyal customers. The effort is known to give unique individual attention that makes a big difference in creating a developing and meaningful, long-lasting customer relationship.

Make your Clients Feel like VIPs

We all share a concept of being noticed when we dedicate our time and energy to something. And the same applies to the customers who spend their precious time shopping on your store. Customers yearn for recognition for investing money and time in your store. It’s advisable to ensure your devoted customers are treated with high level of importance and make them have a feeling you are supporting their effort. You can do this by giving them exclusive perks to a private event or provide them with a sneak peek of your upcoming products or provide them with the power to add their taste to your future product.

The key here is to ensure you’re loyal, and a faithful customer who gives you tons of business is appreciated and feel like part of the company. Asking them for feedback on the specific product, giving them manufacturer prices or giving them access to an event connected to your products are more significant ways of treating your clients like VIPs.

The House of Lashes is one company that has a unique reward program named “The Club “which makes the royal customers feel special and be part of an exclusive company group. Those customers who invest most of their money and time into the brand become top tier, here they earn perks like free shipping, access to exclusive products, surprise samples and early access to sales. By creating this rewarding and unique product, the company has managed to strengthen their relationships with customers. Giving their clients such attention has helped the company build a strong base of super loyal clients that last for years.

The Power to Refer

Social currency is quite a dominant force in building an e-commerce store. Whether it’s sharing the latest product from your favorite stores or tagging friends to memes, giving your loyal customers the power to share your store means creating brand advocates and better revenue. Its advisable to give your customers incentives once they refer or recommend their friends to your store, this way you find brand new loyalists and foster advocacy. Reward customers who refer others to loyal points, coupon codes or a simple thank you a message.

Uber has loyalty earning for those who refer their friends and family to download their apps. This is one of their core growth strategies and excellent reward experience for both the new and current customers. The new riders experience convenience Uber services; the existing one gets credit for their next Uber ride. By building customer loyalty and rewarding brand advocacy, Uber has managed to become the most significant and fast growing startup unicorns globally.

Win your Clients Loyalty by Putting a Smile on their Faces

The landscape of e-commerce is growing at a high rate, and more players are joining the market hence loyal
customers are becoming the butter and bread of online retailing. To maintain your loyal customers, you need to reward them, give them a personalized touch and make them feel special. These factors will make them share your brand with their family and friends and open doors for more loyal customers. Creating a customer reward program is one way of accomplishing this goal, put a smile on their faces with exclusive offers and encourage them to be your brand advocate for your store. By creating and attracting your clients with a reward program, you are on the right track to ramping up the best and loyal clients.

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